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Tips for a smooth online lesson!

Updated: May 7, 2021

Afraid technology will fail you?

Are you excited to start your online lessons, but afraid technology will fail you? Check out our tips for a smooth and enjoyable online lesson.

1 - Always have the most Updated version of Zoom

Since the begining of the pandemic, Zoom has changed a lot in order to accomodate many professionals, including musicians, that needed to switch their businesses online. For that reason, before your class, make sure you have updated your Zoom to the most recent version. Amongst other changes, the new versions of Zoom allow for better sound quality.

2 - Whenever possible, opt for a computer

If you have both a computer and a tablet, choose the computer for your lessons as the applications for laptops and desktops have better options for sharing audio than the mobile versions.

3 - For private lessons, use an external or USB mic

If this is an investment you are willing to make, external microphones really help in the quality of the sound you will share and it also diminishes sound leggings.

4 - Always turn on "Original Sound"

This option is often on the left side of your video. If you can't see it, go to Audio, then Advanced, then click on "Show original sound button", once you go back to the video, press "Turn on original sound".

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