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Crescendo Music Studio

Your musical journey starts here! 

Growing Together

At Crescendo, we believe that everyone is born with the potential to develop their musical skills, all you need is the right instruction. It doesn't matter if your goal is to play music in your free time, get ready for an open mic, play concerts for the family or become a professional musician, you deserve a lesson that is planned specifically for you, with an instructor that will be right there with you at every step of the way guiding you, encouraging you, and helping you grow to be the musician you wish to be.  


Private Instrument Lessons

Choose your favourite instrument and we will take care of the learning! 

Meet our amazing Team!

With over ten years experience of teaching, our team is composed of highly trained musicians and performers with a passion for teaching and unparalleled dedication to student’s learning and development.

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Luiz Headshot 1.jpg
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“It is a safe space for me to be myself. ”

K, 14 - Voice Student

“I' feel like the studio is a space where I can disconnect from the world for an hour and just focus on my music.”

K , 16 - Voice Student

“Whenever I have an important audition, I bring my songs to class and  leave feeling ready to conquer the world.”

B, 27 - Voice Student

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