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Growing Through Music

About Us

Crescendo is a musical term in Italian that would translate as “growing” in English. In music, it is used to refer to the dynamic of the sound when the composer wants the sound to grow continuously from soft to loud. At Crescendo Music Studio, we believe that music and music education are about student’s growth, not in loudness, but in personal and musical development. We offer programs that are designed for each student in accordance with their age, interests, knowledge and goals. No matter how old you are we are here to help you achieve your full musical potential. Your musical journey starts here!


Little Choir

Musical Theatre Workshop

Musical Theatre Ensemble

Music with my Baby

Music w/ my Toddler

Music w/ my Little One

Little  Musicians

Our Wonderful Team

With over ten years experience teaching, our team is composed of highly trained musicians and performers with a passion for teaching and unparalleled dedication to student’s learning and musical development. Our teachers are trained in classical music, pop, rock, musical theatre and more. Tell us your style and we will find your perfect match!  

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Luiz Monterei

Luiz Monterei is a respected singer and musical theatre performer. Known for his powerful voice and incredible technique,  Luiz has been seen in multiple professional productions in Canada, Brazil and the USA. For the past 10 years, when he is not on stage, Luiz has  been helping other singers achieve their vocal goals. With impeccable technique and an ear for details, Luiz works with students as young as 10 years of age to help them become the performers they want to be! Many of Luiz's students have been seen in professional musical theatre productions in Canada and around the world. 

Ariana Ribeiro

Ariana Ribeiro is an enthusiastic musician and music educator. A firm believer that music is an important part of the development of every human being, Ariana inspires her students to express themselves through music in their own unique way. With training in piano, voice and over 15 years of teaching experience, Ariana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, an Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Music Education from the Royal Conservatory of Music as well as a Masters Degree in Music Education from Western University. She is really passionate about her work and about helping students of all age to be confident in their musical skills. Whether for the stage or for fun, music is for everyone!

Brian Gibson

Brian Gibson is a successful non union commercial actor and acting coach.

With over 9 years working experience in the industry, he has helped many actors to not only start, but be successful in their acting careers. As a working actor, writer, producer, and director,  Brian aims to help other actors realize their true potential. 

Bailey Grineage

Bailey Grineage is an experienced pianist committed to providing creative lessons that are enjoyable, meaningful, and musical in order to inspire life-long love for music in her students. With training in Kodály Pedagogy and Suzuki Piano, Bailey holds a Bachelors Degree as well as a Masters Degree in Music Education from UofT and is currently pursuing her specialization Early Childhood Music Education from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Bailey's students really choose her for her wonderful teaching skills and nurturing personality.

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