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Do I need voice lessons to be a singer

Like all instruments, we can improve our singing by learning technique and getting a better understanding of the different styles we want to sing. But how far can we go without a voice teacher/coach?

The truth is that we don’t necessarily have to do voice lessons to become a singer, it will depend on how well we can understand how our voice works.

Our singing voice doesn’t differ much from our speaking voice, so, if you speak with the right placement, your chances of translating that into your singing voice will be much higher.

So why do voice lessons?

A good voice teacher will guide you through different techniques suited for different occasions. Understanding how your voice works when you feel healthy won’t prepare you for times you need to perform when you are not feeling 100%, but with a better understanding of your voice, and different techniques, you will have more options to still sound good in different scenarios.

Also, it’s always important to have someone who can listen to you and give you feedbacks on that. When we are studying on our own, we may not pay attention to every detail of our performance, while a teacher/coach can easily help you pinpoint those moments in a song or technique where you can improve.

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