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Meet Our New Teacher!

Updated: May 7, 2021

Our new voice teacher rocks!

With a successful career in the musical theatre and performance industry, Luiz Monterei joins us this year to share with our students the secrets of his voice and performance techniques.

What is music for you?

“Music is how I express myself. It is really a part of who I am.”

Why did you choose to teach voice?

When people hear me singing nowadays, they often say: "How do you do that?" The truth is, I was though. My entire life I had great teachers who helped me became the musician I am today. Without their guidance, I would never have gotten as far as I did. I am grateful for their help and I would like to help others the same way they helped me.

What advice would you give someone that is just starting to sing?

“Be patient, be consistent, always question, and never stop exploring.”

When learning any instrument, we have to know that it takes time, work and effort. You will need to be patient with yourself, because musical development takes time. You will need to be consistent with your practice, it doesn't matter if you can only practice for 15 minutes or two hours, have a regular practice schedule. Always question what you are though. Does it work for you? Does it make you feel good? Does it help you with how you want your voice to sound? Always look for good references, singers, bands, and styles. Music is constantly evolving and so are we as a musicians.

Got Inspired? Book a lesson with Luiz!

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